Evernew has been producing high quality titanium cookware since 1995. Each item is designed and developed to be the lightest and most reliable gear for your journey.


How It Started


Evernew is a Japanese company that has been focused on the outdoor market for most of it’s 90+ year history.  Originally operating out of a small store front in Tokyo in 1923 Evernew has grown to become a leader in the field of outdoor and sporting goods in Japan and around the world.  From the 1940’s Evernew began making camping and climbing gear with a focus on mountaineering.  Today Evernew is the leader in lightweight titanium cookware as well as distributor of major US and European brands in the Japanese market.


Evernew, Lighter and Stronger



The road to the creation of titanium cookware began humbly enough in an office in Tokyo in the early 90’s.  The sales manager for the outdoor division, Toshio Shiina, was an avid outdoorsman and began thinking about ways to lighten his pack for trips in the Japan Alps.  Evernew cookware was always a key component of his kit but if he could come up with a way to make it lighter still he could shave precious weight from his pack.  The aluminum cookware that Evernew made was strong but heavy.  Stainless steel was lighter but soft.  At that time he hit upon an idea of making product out of titanium.  Titanium had been used in aircrafts and other industrial areas but no one had thought it possible to make it thin enough for cookware.  Thus the challenge began to create lightweight yet strong cookware with titanium.

Working with our production facility in western Japan we spent 2 years working through trial and error to create the thin strong lightweight product that people know today.  It was through the artisans from a town called Tsubame, known for its metal working, in Japan that the vision was able to come to life.  One of the real challenges was the cost of those errors.  Titanium is not cheap and to spend 2 years working to create a product put a lot of pressure on the company to get it right.    In 1995 that perseverance paid off and the original titanium cookware was launched.

Over the subsequent years Evernew has spent time to further hone the techniques for cutting edge product.  In 2000 we were able to move from a thickness of 0.4mm to 0.3mm.  This may seem trivial but it means a weight savings of 20%.  In a game where grams matter this is significant.  Further R&D brought about the world’s first titanium non-stick pan in 2005.  Being given the Backpacker Editor’s Choice award validated our thoughts about adding non-stick to a finicky material like titanium. 

Evernew will continue to work to create the greatest titanium cookware for the camping and outdoor community.

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