Cooking with an alcohol stove has never been easier or lighter. Tested in the mountains and manufactured in Japan, our alcohol stove was developed to keep your kitchen in the wilderness simple and light.

Weighing in at less than 6 ounces and unencumbered by heavy fuel canisters, this ultra portable stove makes cooking wherever you may desire a hassle-free experience.



Ti Alcohol Stove

Weight: 1.2oz/34g

W 2.81 x H 1.65 inches

Fuel Capacacity: 70ml


Note: The Ti Alcohol Stove works best with denatured alcohol (a cheap and readily available fuel), though grain alcohol and methyl alcohol  are viable alternatives.


Why backpack with a heavy, space-wasting canister stove when you can measure and carry the exact amount of fuel you'll need for a trip? Our alcohol stove brings you the benefits of an easy, hot stove without the weight, cost, and maintenance requirements of a white gas/kerosene or butane/propane stove.

The bi-level jet system creates a strong, stable flame, and the volume markings inside the stove make it simple to know how much fuel you're using for a given meal.

We recommend our Ti Alcohol Stove to ultra light and thru-hiking backpackers, cycle tourers, and anyone who wants to have a minimalist kitchen available on-the-go.

Stove Sets


Ti Appalachian Set

Weight: 5.67oz/161g


ECA266_bottom ridge.jpg

This all-titanium ultralight backpacking kitchen comes with a 500ml ultralight pot [ECA 266] + multi fuel stove + pot stand + windscreenWe have designed our 500ml and 900ml Ti Mug Pots to have a ridge on the base matching the diameter of the pot stand for maximum stability when on the stove.


Ti DX Set (with stove)

Weight: 3.0oz/86g


If you're interested in the Appalachian set but already have a lightweight pot you prefer using, our DX Set should fit the bill. The DX Set includes the alcohol stove, pot stand, and windscreen, all 100% titanium.

Stove Accessories


Ti DX Set Accessories

Weight: 1.8oz/52g


Our DX set is designed to be used in a number of ways: as a lightweight, compact wood-burning stove, in conjunction with our alcohol stove (sold separately [EBY254] or as a set [ECA268 & EBY255]), or with hexamine fuel tablets (e.g. Esbit heat tablets). 


Ti Cross Stand

Weight: 0.5oz/16g

W 3.78 x H 1.11 inches



The Ti Cross Stand was designed with the minimalist in mind and is to be used together with our alcohol stove.

Weighing in at only half an ounce but still wide enough for holding pots and stable enough to cook over, this is the perfect piece of gear if you are looking for the smallest package for your Evernew stove.