Our ultralight pots are specifically designed for backpackers who need reliable, lightweight cookware to keep their packs as light as possible. Evernew Ultralight pots are designed to be the lightest on the market without compromising reliability. We've accomplished this by eliminating the coating and using thinner titanium.

The thickness of the titanium we use in the ultralight series is 0.3mm which makes it 20% lighter than the industry standard of 0.4mm. We've developed a method of cold forging our titanium that helps sustain our products' durability at this minimal thickness.

All our Ultralight Series products come with insulated silicone handles, a mesh stuff sack and gradations for easy measurement. 

All-Purpose Pots


Ti Ultralight Pot 600ml

Weight: 3.4oz/95g

W 4.9 x H 2.0 inches/ W 12.4 x H 5.2 cm



Ti Ultralight Pot 900ml

Weight: 4.1oz/115g

W 5.4 x H 2.5 inches/ W 13.6 x H 6.4 cm



Ti Ultralight Pot 1300ml

Weight: 4.6oz/130g

W 5.9 x H 3.0 inches/ W 15 x H 7.7 cm


Pasta Pots


Ti Pasta Pot 700ml

Weight: 3.4oz/95g

W 4.1 x H 4.6 inches/ W 10.4 x H 11.6 cm


Ti Pasta Pot 1000ml

Weight: 4.1oz/116g

W 4.9 x H 4.5 inches/ W 12.5 x H 11.5 cm


Note that we've integrated a perforated lid into our pasta pots to help you drain water during meal prep.

Deep Pots


Ti Ultralight Deep Pot 600ml

Weight: 3.4oz/95g

W 3.7 x H 4.3 inches/ W 9.4 x H 10.8 cm


Ti Ultralight Deep Pot 900ml

Weight: 4.4oz/125g

W 4.3 x H 3.7 inches/ W 11 x H 9.5 cm


Both of our deep pot models are designed to nest with your micro canister stove or with each other. 

Mug Pots

Ti Ultralight Mug Pot 500ml with Ridge for Appalachian Set

Weight: 2.6oz/74g

W 3.7 x H 3.4 inches/ W 9.7 x H 8.7 cm


Ti Ultralight Mug Pot 900ml with Ridge for Appalachian Set

Weight: 3.5oz/99g

W 4.5 x H 3.9 inches/ W 11.9 x H 9.9 cm


ECA266_bottom ridge.jpg

We have designed our Ti Mug Pots to have a ridge on the base matching the diameter of the pot stand found in the Appalachian and DX stove sets for maximum stability when being used with the stand.


The bottom of the 900ml mug pot has a small indent at the base to help stabilize the pot when used with the Appalachian set.



Ti Ultralight Stacking Set

Weight: 6.3oz/180g

0.75L Pot : W 3.7 x H 4.7 inches/W 9.4 x H 11.8 cm

0.4L Cup: W 3.7 x H 2.3 inches/W 9.5 x H 5.8 cm