Evernew have been producing high quality titanium cookware since 1995. Through product testing and customer feedback we have developed a range of cookware to help people on there journey through major trails in North America and across the globe.

Super strong and impossibly light, Evernew has produced 2 types of super light 100% Titanium cookware that won't corrode. 

               Non-Stick Series

Evernew has developed a range of Non-Stick Coating cookware using Non-teflon, Silicone based ceramic coating. Our cookware does not contain PFOA which is known to have a stron concerns regarding human health. Our cookware use silicone ceramic coating which is an organic compound which has no health risks.

Our non-stick range is very light, super durable and designed to make you cooking life in the outdoors easier in a small package. 

Ultralight Series

Our ultralight pots are specifically designed for backpackers who need reliable, light weight equipment to keep their packs weight as light as possible. Evernew has designed the ultralight series pots to be the lightest in the market without compromising durability. We have accomplished this by eliminating the coating and using thinner Titanium.

The thickness of the titanium we for the ultralight series is 0.3mm which makes it 20% lighter than the industry standard of 0.4mm. To keep the durability we have developed a way to cold forge these pots after years of R&D.

Please contact your nearest retailer for more info.