They're best sellers for a reason.

Here's a curated collection of some of our most frequently purchased products, which also happen to be some of our personal favorites!

Ti Appalachian Set

Stove · Windscreen · Pot Stand · 500ml Ultralight Pot

This all-titanium ultralight backpacking kitchen comes with a 500ml ultralight pot [ECA 266] + multi fuel stove + pot stand + windscreen. We designed the included 500ml Ti Mug Pot to have a ridge on the base matching the diameter of the pot stand for maximum stability when cooking.

The included alcohol stove brings you the benefits of an easy, hot stove without the weight, cost, and maintenance requirements of a white gas/kerosene or butane/propane stove. It's bi-level jet system creates a strong, stable flame, and the volume markings inside the stove make it simple to know how much fuel you're using for a given meal.


Weight: 5.67oz/161g

Fuel Capacacity: 70mL


Ti Ultralight Stacking Set

ultralight pot 750 · ultralight cup 400

Our ultralight pots are specifically designed for backpackers who need reliable, lightweight cookware to keep their packs as light as possible. Evernew Ultralight pots are designed to be the lightest on the market without compromising reliability. 

The thickness of the titanium we use in the ultralight series is 0.3mm which makes it 20% lighter than the industry standard of 0.4mm. We've developed a method of cold forging our titanium that helps sustain our products' durability at this minimal thickness. 

Comes with insulated silicone handles, a mesh stuff sack, and gradations for easy measurement. 


Weight: 6.3oz/180g

750mL Pot : W 3.7 x H 4.7 inches

400mL Cup: W 3.7 x H 2.3 inches