Our collapsible water carriers come in 4 sizes with unique features only available from the Evernew water carrier range. 

All our water carriers come with a built in shock cord for storage, 3 layer polyethylene construction, antibacterial treatment, attached textured cap and a tapered body allowing it to stand on a flat surface when full.  An added bonus is that they are compatible with the Sawyer Water Filtration System.


 600ml Water Carrier

Weight: 0.9oz/26g

W 5.9 x H 9.5 inches


 900ml Water Carrier

Weight: 1.0oz/29g

W 5.9 x H 11.0 inches


1.5L Water Carrier

Weight: 1.3oz/36g

W 6.7 x H 13.0 inches


2L Water Carrier

Weight: 1.5oz/42g

W 8.3 x H 13.0 inches