Tested in the mountains and manufactured in Japan, our alcohol stove is a unique piece of gear developed to keep your kitchen in the wilderness simple and light.

With this ultra portable stove we made it easy for you to travel wherever you may desire with a kitchen weighing less than 6 ounces.



Ti Alcohol Stove

Weight: 1.2oz/34g

W 2.81 x H 1.65 inches


  • Fuel Capacity : 70ml

  • Bi-level jet system creates a strong, stable flame

  • Don't lug around a heavy, space wasting canister anymore. With an alcohol stove, you have the benefits of an easy, hot stove without the weight and cost of butane/propane.

  • Please only use Denatured Alcohol. It is a cheap gas that is easily purchased around the world.

  • We recommend this stove to cycle tourers, backpackers, and anyone who is traveling and wants to have a minimalist kitchen. 



Appalachian Set

Weight: 5.67oz/161g


  • This ultra light backpacking kitchen comes with a 500ml ultralight pot (ECA 266) + multi fuel stove + pot stand + windscreen.

  • We have designed our 500ml and 900ml Ti Mug pots to have a ridge on the base to keep the pot stable on the stove.


Ti DX Set with stove

Weight: 3oz/86g


  • If your interested in the Appalachian set but already have a pot, look at our DX set which comes with the stove, pot stand and windscreen. All made from 100% titanium in Japan.


Ti DX Set without stove

Weight: 1.8oz/52g


  • Use it to burn wood if you run out of fuel or if you don't have a stove. Our DX set is for someone who has a stove or wants to have a lightweight, compact wood burner. 


Ti Cross Stand

Weight: 0.5oz/16g

W 3.78 x H 1.11 inches


  • This pot is made for our alcohol stove for the minimalist user.

  • Weighing only half an ounce, this is a perfect piece of gear if you are looking for the smallest package for your Evernew stove.

  • Wide enough pots and stable enough to cook over, this cross stand will hold your cookware above your Evernew Stove.

  • Our cross stand will also fit on top of the DX set for extra height. 


Cooking with a alcohol stove is now easier and lighter than ever. If you have any questions regarding our stove and stove stands please let us know.

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